9 world oil painting

This oil painting of my previously presented ink artwork.
The truth is that the painting was completed first, and then I finished the drawing, I was so captivated by the subject.

It is said about the peacock that if we look into the mirror of the Sun God we see ourselves.

I go to Pilis a lot and there this bird was considered a light animal, more precisely a shining sunbird. It is the symbolic sacred bird of Buddha’s, the Awakened One, as well as of Hera. 

Here in Pilis, it was part of a solar culture, as solar animals used to live here (lion, peacock, deer).

Peacock’s feather is the king’s mirror to see if their face is like the Sun, this is a sacred mirror in which they looked into their sunny selves, Hungarian tradition called this is a peacock mirror.

In my picture this is also included and the seven heavens also hides + a before and after world.

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