Welcome to my nature-inspired artistic world!

You are on the POE Art website, the page of Orsolya Petenyi, an intuitive artist.
As a nature-inspired artist, she showcases the intertwining of environment and art.
She applies her paints to the canvas using her fingers, crafting them from natural materials, thus promoting sustainable creation.
This is a painting of sensation.
Fueled by a passion for environmental consciousness, she recently embarked on a new artistic venture, creating natural pigments for her paintings.
By sourcing materials directly from nature, she aims to minimize her ecological footprint while exploring the rich palette and textures of nature.
Through this innovative practice, which she presents in workshops and performances, she hopes to inspire others to embrace environmentally friendly alternatives and foster a deeper connection with nature and the Earth.
You can find here original artworks and limited edition, certificated prints to buy.
Thank you for being part of this journey!


Secterra – Forest Network sculptures