Forest network sculptures

My works are inspired by nature, the invisible world behind it and perfectly operates
the whole. In nature, it is the connection that is lost in us humans, somewhere,
because of the constant struggle for survival and the excesses that permeate our lives.

Through my creations, I want to inspire visitors to connect, recycle and be receptive
to the beauties of nature.

I created my sculptures with dead trees and bones found in the forest,
the primary purpose of which is to represent the connection and harmony,
to make it perceptible and liveable.

Unfortunately separation have become a characteristic of our time.
I see parallels between separation from nature and human loneliness.
I would like to draw attention to this, to make visitors think and, if possible, to offer a solution
to the problem. We should reconnect with a language that is not verbal to understand that
we are all part of the same thing here on Earth.

Every step taken in nature teaches us to respect time and passing away, and therefore our own time.
It makes what we have more valuable and encourages us to use it well.
I believe in the freedom to create and I present it through my creations.

By presenting my works, I also aim to connect with those who recognize the
need to connect with nature, with other people and not least with themselves.

The name Secterra comes from the acronym Secret of the Terra.

I believe, there is a universe in everybody and we can connect with each other,
with nature, with the universe, if we are in harmony with ourselves and our environment.

Thank you, if you are need more info, please mail me.