Palette of the nature workshop

In a world saturated with synthetic paints and artificial pigments, the art of extracting colors from nature’s own palette offers a refreshing and sustainable alternative.

As participants gather in my workshop or out in nature, they are greeted by a succession of botanical wonders – leaves, petals, soil, tree bark, and vegetables, each promising a spectrum of hues waiting to be unlocked. With my guidance, participants embark on an exploratory journey, learning ancient techniques of pigment extraction from the natural world.

Step by step, we delve into the alchemy of color creation. Crushing petals to reveal the hidden pigments within flowers, filtering leaves to extract vibrant greens, working with the deep hues of vegetables, and experimenting with earth to discover rich brown tones. Through these simple yet transformative processes, we bear witness to the generosity of nature unfolding before our eyes.

As we begin our painterly journey, we set aside traditional brushes and embrace the tactile experience of using our hands, our bodies, as instruments of expression. Our hands become extensions of our hearts, translating our emotions and feelings onto the canvas with every touch and stroke. We immerse ourselves in the act of creation, surrendering to the flow of inspiration stemming from our ancient connection with nature.

As the workshop draws to a close, we gather around the creations, marveling at the diversity of expressions born from our shared connection with nature. Amidst the vibrant tapestries of color, a profound realization dawns upon us – that we are not separate from the natural world, but intricately intertwined with its beauty and wisdom.

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