Welcome to my art world.

My full name is Petényi Orsolya Éva this is where my brand name is came from POE Art.
I live in Europe, in Budapest the capital of Hungary.

My works are inspired by nature, the invisible world behind it and perfectly operates
the whole.

I use my fingers when I’m painting on canvas. I don’t like the distance between me and the picture while I’m using brush. My art is an inner meditation, I start to paint when my mind is open to let my hands be led by my soul.
I usually do not work with sketches or planned visions, I let the flow happen directly on the canvas.

I believe, there is a universe in everybody.

I share my vision for you to discover the infinite world of me.

I love to use glowing materials and enjoy the outer space on my art in the dark.

I was working as a graphic designer for advertising agencies for 20 years and I always felt the need to fulfill myself through my own artistic creations away from the constraints of the advertising world.
I start to paint with oil, free my own style with my hands. Now I have the freedom what my creativity needs.

I have art workshops where I show you how I paint with my fingers. Anyone can be an artist.
I encourage You to explore the world of my artworks. My art says infinitely more than my words can communicate.

On my website you can find my newest oil paintings and ink artworks, all limited edition, certificated prints of Orsolya Eva Petényi and furthermore you can also get acquainted with my previous paintings and exhibitions.

If you have any questions you are welcome to contact me!